GBF Kongress in Andorra im September

Vom 17. bis 19. September findet in ANDORRA der Internationale Kongress der nationalen und internationalen GBF Delegationen statt.

Gleichzeitig findet der Internationale Schiedskongress statt.

Wir werden Ihnen in Kürze weitere Informationen über das Programm und das Protokoll senden.

Es ist sehr wichtig, dass alle offiziellen GBF Landesvertreter sowie alle an der Teilnahme am Kongress interessierten Schiedsrichter vorher bestätigen, damit die Einladungsschreiben zugestellt werden können.

30th Austrian Open in Innsbruck – 11th / 12th June 2021

WKF AUSTRIA Vice president Gerhard CORRADINI
Info and invitation HERE

WKF AUSTRIA vice president Gerhard CORRADINI announce next great international event in Innsbruck, Austria.

WKF AUSTRIA Promoter Gerhard CORRADINI and his team organize one more time in Innsbruck Austrian Open tournament. Open for all countries, federations and teams.

Invitation is here, you can compete in Forms, point fighting, light contact , kick light and K-1 rules.


Review of the last Year:

Many teams from neighboring countries have last Year registered too, but have not come.

These are exactly the same teams and clubs that complain about tournaments and organize no events themselves in their countries.

At the same time, they claim to have “the best fighters”.

Obviously it’s just easier to stay at home and always just talk stupid.

Please in the future only sign up, if you really want to participate!

WKF AUSTRIA hopes for better cooperation work in 2021 at the next Austrian Open

Willkommen in Innsbruck  ? 

World referee seminar 2020 in Cairo, Egypt

Middle East Direktor Mohammed DESSOUKI

WKF EGYPT  president Mohamed DESSOUKI is the host of the next World referee seminar 2020 on October 16th to 18th. Venue is the amazing 5 star „Hotel Le  Méridien Pyramids“.

This is the perfect weekend, just before the World Championships in Cairo. First time in history since 100 Years on the African continent.

We got already many requests from our male / female referees and officials of 6 continents and we hope everybody who would need Visa start in time with Visa procedure.

Invitation is here !

Registration deadline October 9th!

For details about the World seminar, Visa invitations, any requests about airport transfer, Hotel booking and more contact our organizing team Mr. Mohamed DESSOUKI by mail !

our seminar Hotel in Cairo

Our update WKF licensed referee list is here ! Many photos of our international WKF referees here !

All rule books in 4 languages and more free to down load here !

All International WKF referees, who not has attended the last seminars in Santorini 2017, Buenos Aires 2018 or Baia Mare 2019 must extend their license 2020 in Egypt. The extended license is valid for three Years again.

Many photos from all seminars and more are here in the gallery!

Next World referee seminar in October 2021 in the Netherlands before the upcoming European Championships in Rotterdam !

Please note: without valid WKF license you are not qualified for WKF events !